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released March 1, 2015

Produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt.



all rights reserved


NORTHERN BLUES Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: Two Years
For two years I haven't been home, no place to sleep
It's hard to put faith in something i have never seen
I won't put my faith in something I've never seen
Cause for two years I haven't been home - no place to sleep

It's a long walk to the cemetery
And it haunts me everyday to know that you're so far away

I won't put my faith in something that i've never really seen

It threw me down into the abyss
Into an endless sleep
And i drowned in my thoughts
Like a constant dream

Solitude hides in the back of my mind
It haunts me every day
With the lack of my courage
I'm trapped in this dark age

I am not afraid to die
But still afraid of change.

For two years I haven't been home
No place to sleep - I'm left alone
It's hard to put my faith in something that I've never seen
For two years, I haven't been home
Track Name: 07.04.13
Nothing changes, no one cares, I am always so alone
Everyone I have know have left me, to fend for myself

This sinking feeling inside my chest
In my mind you never really left
Lately all I’ve been doing is chasing ghosts

Nothing feels like home anymore
And I’m swimming in a dead end sea
I try to keep my head above the water
but these anchors tied to my feet

Are pulling me under

I’ve been devoid of all feeling
And my words have lost all meaning
A vacant spot inside my chest
Where the thought of you, used to rest

It’s been a lonely year
I’ve spent it running 1000 miles to nowhere
Track Name: Paris
This year I had an illusion
Broke my promises, in a time of confusion
Alone with the grace of love
I was just a stranger in the dark

The canvas filled with lights
Where I blend in
I saw myself walking
Among a faceless crowd

I left myself to become yours for the night
And in a rush, I found myself, in the skies
It was worth it, cause it felt like home

When I saw your smile
Oh that confused smile!
You never knew what to feel

With my glassy eyes, I had too much time
Woman, be mine!

With a feeling I can no longer manage
I'm searching for love in Paris
Track Name: Silence
I'm parting my speech, because I rather bleed, than being that, horror in your eyes that mysterious pride, an unknown knight
Because I know you might, run and hide
Even more defied, smothered by my words
It won't happen, I know how it hurts

But you have to know, that if I get too close
I want everyone and everything

I'm drowning in the sea inside of me
And your tears
Are making it worse